A7 Premium Serial + Bluetooth + WiFi Address Info for iPad Air (A1474, A1475)


Maximum Delivery Time:

Average Delivery Time: 13 hours and 30 minutes
Delay warning

Sometimes, due to technical issues, service will be delayed. In this case, you need to cooperate with us.

Supported IOS 

all supported
List of Supported Models:

Only iPads with A7 CPUs are supported.
Do Not Use For iPhone or Other Apple Devices Or Other CPU

While Placing Order Write 1 CPU Type Which You Need ie A1474 or A1475 etc.

If Any Serial Found FMI On, Please Inform Within 24 Hours at Ticket After Order Answer

This Service Will Only Provide You With

BlueTooth Mac
Wifi Mac 
We will not provide any NAND or direct iCloud removal.

This is a technical bypass.

Remove your A7 CPU Purchase a new CPU, write with an IP box, and assemble with a device.

After this bypass, do not update your iPad.



Please send us an error screenshot if you encounter any problems. "Send Us Link," "Publish As Public," and "Order Number" should all be checked.  We will check and keep you updated there.


The service is automatic, and a generated SN may have an MDM or ICLOUD lock.

Check the SN for MDM/ICLOUD lock before flashing the NAND.

If you understand the method, then place your order; if not, please do not use this service. We do not provide any kind of verification for this service, and we do not have any other solution.

In any case, the provided data cannot be verified...

Recently, the Air2 Mini4 Pro9.7 Pro12.9 in the 14 System part of the machine could not be activated.
You can only try; if you can't activate, you can write back the original code to find someone to bypass the ID.


Delivery time: AUTO API

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual