Blacklist Check Pro [iPhone and Generic] [ GSMA Worldwide ]


Result Samples: 

IMEI: 357993052490260
Model: Apple iPhone 5S (A1453)
Status: CLEAN
IMEI: 354452061611047
Model: Apple iPhone 6 Plus (A1522)
Country: United States
Blacklisted By: Verizon Wireless
Blacklisted On: 2015-06-09 03:08:02.0
Blacklisted Country: United States
IMEI: 990002848805303
Model: Apple iPhone 5 (A1429)
Status: CLEAN
Blacklisted By: Sprint
Blacklisted On: 2014-01-24 06:05:55.0
Blacklisted Country: United States
Blst. Removed By: Sprint
Blst. Removed On: 2014-01-27 06:09:30.0
Blst. Removed Country: United States

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