Samsung Chimera Module 699 Credits (12 Months)


Samsung 12 months

A license type created exclusively for the repair of Samsung telephones. Innovation from the first hand, with solutions first introduced to the market.


You can buy credits for later use or for procedures that costs credits each time You use.  Be warned, you can not use credits while you have trial account only. Credits can be used for already purchased licences or for online services located at the website.

IMEI Blacklist Check7 CRD / procedure
Online Services0 - 99 CRD / procedure
Read Codes Online Supported models59 CRD / procedure
Read Codes Online (Factory method) Supported models109 CRD / procedure
Unlock Online Supported models89 CRD / procedure
Unlock Wipe Supported models49 CRD / procedure
Direct Unlock Supported models65 CRD / procedure
Modem repair and unlock Supported models95 CRD / procedure
Refurbish Supported models9 CRD / procedure
Remove BlackBerry Protect Supported models95 CRD / procedure
Repair Cleared Board (9360/9700/9780) Supported models19 CRD / procedure
Repair Cleared Board (9900) Supported models19 CRD / procedure
Repair IMEI Supported models4 CRD / procedure
Reset lifetimer Supported models9 CRD / procedure
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