Magma Tool For Samsung FRP Credits


MagmaTool Features List also support Samsung FRP with 4 credit

  • Easiest Tool to unlock Samsung Devices Network with one Click
  • Simple user interface without the need to account activation
  • Support Android device until Android 10
  • Unlock operation doesn't take more than 1 minute
  • One EXE file without the need to installation or external files
  • Permanent unlock without any relock problems

Magma FRP Tool For All Samsung Supported All countries

(1 Device = 4 Credit)

 Just one click FRP Done 

Download From here

enjoy users 

Supported Model and consumption credit Below link visit


To know which security patch is supported on MagmaTool:
1 - Download the tool from
2 - Register an account (Free)
3 - Connect the device you want to check in ADB Mode
4 - Select the "Read Info" option (Free)
5 - Press "Do Work"
After finish check the line that contains "Security Patch" in the info..
If the security patch date is 2020-05-01 or older then it is supported
If the security patch date is 2020-06-01 or higher then it is  not supported

Magma FRP tool New Update
supported models are as follows:
S9 SM-G960U
S9+ SM-G965U
J3 Achieve SM-J337P
J7 Refine SM-J737P
J3 Emerge SM-J327P
J7 Perx SM-J727P
A6 SM-A600P
S10e SM-G970U
S10 SM-G973U
S10+ SM-G975U
S10 5G SM-G977P
A10e SM-A102U
A20 SM-A205U
A50 SM-A505U
Note9 SM-N960U
S20 SM-G981U
S20+ SM-G986U
S20 Ultra SM-G988U
Note10 SM-N970U
Note10+ SM-N975U
Note10+ 5G SM-N976U
A51 SM-A515U
A51 5G SM-A516U
A71 5G SM-A716U
S9 SM-G960U1
S9+ SM-G965U1
S10e SM-G970U1
S10 SM-G973U1
S10+ SM-G975U1
A10e SM-A102U1
A20 SM-A205U1
A50 SM-A505U1
Note9 SM-N960U1
S20 SM-G981U1
S20+ SM-G986U1
S20 Ultra SM-G988U1
Note10 SM-N970U1
Note10+ SM-N975U1
A51 SM-A515U1
A51 5G SM-A516U1
A71 5G SM-A716U1
Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986U
Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986U1
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716U
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716U1
Galaxy A21 SM-A215U
Galaxy A21 SM-A215U1
Galaxy Z Fold 2 SM-F916U
Galaxy Z Fold 2 SM-F916U1
Galaxy S20 FE SM-G781U
Galaxy S20 FE SM-G781U-1
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707U
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707U1
Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G SM-T978U
Galaxy Tab S7 5G SM-T878U
Galaxy S10 Lite SM-G770U1
Galaxy Tab A 8.4 SM-T307U
Galaxy Tab E SM-T377P
Galaxy Tab A 2018 SM-T387P
Galaxy Tab A (2019) SM-T517P
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inches SM-T587P
Galaxy Tab A 10.5 SM-T597P
Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T727P
Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837P
Galaxy Tab S6 LTE SM-T867U
GALAXY S8 Plus SM-G955U1
Galaxy A70 SM-A705U
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700U
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700U1
Note20 SM-N981U
Galaxy NOTE 8 SM-N950U
Galaxy NOTE 8 SM-N950U1
Galaxy A01 SM-A013F
Galaxy A01 SM-A013G
Galaxy A01 SM-A013M
Galaxy A01 SM-A015A
Galaxy A01 SM-A015AZ
Galaxy A01 SM-A015F
Galaxy A01 SM-A015G
Galaxy A01 SM-A015M
Galaxy A01 SM-A015T1
Galaxy A01 SM-A015U
Galaxy A01 SM-A015U1
Galaxy A01 SM-A015V
Galaxy A10E SM-A102D
Galaxy A10E SM-A102J
Galaxy A10E SM-A102N
Galaxy A10E SM-A102U
Galaxy A10E SM-A102U1
Galaxy A10E SM-A102W
Galaxy A10 SM-A105F
Galaxy A10 SM-A105FN
Galaxy A10 SM-A105G
Galaxy A10 SM-A105M
Galaxy A10 SM-A105N
Galaxy A11 SM-A115A
Galaxy A11 SM-A115AP
Galaxy A11 SM-A115AZ
Galaxy A11 SM-A115F
Galaxy A11 SM-A115M
Galaxy A11 SM-A115U
Galaxy A11 SM-A115U1
Galaxy A11 SM-A115W
Galaxy A20E SM-A202F
Galaxy A20E SM-A202J
Galaxy A20E SM-A202K
Galaxy A20 SM-A205F
Galaxy A20 SM-A205FN
Galaxy A20 SM-A205G
Galaxy A20 SM-A205GN
Galaxy A20 SM-A205S
Galaxy A20 SM-A205U
Galaxy A20 SM-A205U1
Galaxy A20 SM-A205W
Galaxy A20 SM-A205YN
Galaxy A20S SM-A2070
Galaxy A20S SM-A207F
Galaxy A20S SM-A207M
Galaxy A21 SM-A215U
Galaxy A21 SM-A215U1
Galaxy A21 SM-A215W
Galaxy A21S SM-A217F
Galaxy A21S SM-A217M
Galaxy A21S SM-A217N
Galaxy A40S SM-A3050
Galaxy A40S SM-A3051
Galaxy A40S SM-A3058
Galaxy A30 SM-A305F
Galaxy A30 SM-A305FN
Galaxy A30 SM-A305G
Galaxy A30 SM-A305GN
Galaxy A30 SM-A305GT
Galaxy A30 SM-A305J
Galaxy A30 SM-A305JX
Galaxy A30 SM-A305N
Galaxy A30 SM-A305YN
Galaxy A30S SM-A307F
Galaxy A30S SM-A307FN
Galaxy A30S SM-A307G
Galaxy A30S SM-A307GN
Galaxy A30S SM-A307GT
Galaxy A50 SM-A505F
Galaxy A50 SM-A505FM
Galaxy A50 SM-A505FN
Galaxy A50 SM-A505G
Galaxy A50 SM-A505GN
Galaxy A50 SM-A505GT
Galaxy A50 SM-A505N
Galaxy A50 SM-A505U
Galaxy A50 SM-A505U1
Galaxy A50 SM-A505W
Galaxy A50 SM-A505X
Galaxy A50 SM-A505YN
Galaxy A50S SM-A5070
Galaxy A50S SM-A507FN
Galaxy A51 SM-A515F
Galaxy A51 SM-A515U
Galaxy A51 SM-A515U1
Galaxy A51 SM-A515W
Galaxy A51 SM-A515X
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A5160
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516B
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516D
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516J
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516N
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516U
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516U1
Galaxy A51 5G SM-A516V
Galaxy A70 SM-A705F
Galaxy A70 SM-A705GM
Galaxy A70 SM-A705MN
Galaxy A70 SM-A705U
Galaxy A70 SM-A705W
Galaxy A70 SM-A705X
Galaxy A70 SM-A705XC
Galaxy A70 SM-A705YN
Galaxy A70S SM-A7070
Galaxy A70S SM-A707F
Galaxy A71 SM-A715F
Galaxy A71 SM-A715FN
Galaxy A71 SM-A715GM
Galaxy A71 SM-A715MN
Galaxy A71 SM-A715W
Galaxy A71 SM-A715X
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A7160
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716B
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716S
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716U
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716U1
Galaxy A71 5G SM-A716V
Galaxy A8 PLUS SM-A730F
Galaxy A8 PLUS SM-A730X
Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750C
Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750F
Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750FN
Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750G
Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750GN
Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750N
Galaxy A7 2018 SM-A750X
Galaxy A80 SM-A805F
Galaxy A80 SM-A805N
Galaxy A80 SM-A805X
Galaxy A80 SM-A805XC
Galaxy A90 SM-A9050
Galaxy A90 SM-A905F
Galaxy A90 SM-A905N
Galaxy A90 SM-A905X
Galaxy A90 SM-A905XC
Galaxy A90 5G SM-A9080
Galaxy A90 5G SM-A908B
Galaxy A90 5G SM-A908N
Galaxy A91 SM-A915F
Galaxy A91 SM-A915X
Galaxy A9 2018 SM-A9200
Galaxy A9 2018 SM-A920F
Galaxy A9 2018 SM-A920N
Galaxy A9 2018 SM-A920X
Galaxy A9 2018 SM-A920XC
Galaxy F41 SM-F415F
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F7000
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700F
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700J
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700N
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700U
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700U1
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700W
Galaxy Z Flip SM-F7070
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707B
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707J
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707N
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707U
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707U1
Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707W
Galaxy FOLD SM-F9000
Galaxy FOLD SM-F900D
Galaxy FOLD SM-F900F
Galaxy FOLD SM-F900J
Galaxy FOLD SM-F900N
Galaxy FOLD SM-F900U
Galaxy FOLD SM-F900U1
Galaxy FOLD SM-F900W
Galaxy FOLD 5G SM-F907B
Galaxy FOLD 5G SM-F907N
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F9160
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916B
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916J
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916N
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916U
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916U1
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916W
Galaxy S9 SM-G9600
Galaxy S9 SM-G9608
Galaxy S9 SM-G960D
Galaxy S9 SM-G960F
Galaxy S9 SM-G960J
Galaxy S9 SM-G960N
Galaxy S9 SM-G960U
Galaxy S10 LITE SM-G770F
Galaxy S10 LITE SM-G770U1
Galaxy S10 LITE SM-G770X
Galaxy S20 FE SM-G780F
Galaxy S20 FE SM-G7810
Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781B
Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781N
Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781U
Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781U1
Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781V
Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781W
Galaxy S9 SM-G960U1
Galaxy S9 SM-G960W
Galaxy S9 SM-G960X
Galaxy S9 SM-G960XC
Galaxy S9 SM-G960XN
Galaxy S9 SM-G960XU
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965D
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965F
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965J
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965U
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965U1
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965W
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965X
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965XC
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965XN
Galaxy S9 PLUS SM-G965XU
Galaxy S10E SM-G9700
Galaxy S10E SM-G9708
Galaxy S10E SM-G970F
Galaxy S10E SM-G970N
Galaxy S10E SM-G970U
Galaxy S10E SM-G970U1
Galaxy S10E SM-G970W
Galaxy S10E SM-G970X
Galaxy S10E SM-G970XC
Galaxy S10E SM-G970XN
Galaxy S10E SM-G970XU
Galaxy S10 SM-G9730
Galaxy S10 SM-G9738
Galaxy S10 SM-G973C
Galaxy S10 SM-G973D
Galaxy S10 SM-G973F
Galaxy S10 SM-G973J
Galaxy S10 SM-G973N
Galaxy S10 SM-G973U
Galaxy S10 SM-G973U-1
Galaxy S10 SM-G973W
Galaxy S10 SM-G973X
Galaxy S10 SM-G973XC
Galaxy S10 SM-G973XN
Galaxy S10 SM-G973XU
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G9750
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G9758
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975D
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975DS
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975F
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975J
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975N
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975U
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975U1
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975W
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975X
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975XC
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975XN
Galaxy S10 PLUS SM-G975XU
Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977B
Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977N
Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977P
Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977T
Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977U
Galaxy S20 SM-G9810
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981B
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981D
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981J
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981N
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U1
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981V
Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981W
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G985F
Galaxy S20 PLUS 5G SM-G9860
Galaxy S20 PLUS 5G SM-G986B
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G986D
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G986F
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G986J
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G986N
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G986U
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G986U1
Galaxy S20 PLUS SM-G986W
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G9880
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G988B
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G988BR
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G988J
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G988N
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G988U
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G988U1
Galaxy S20 ULTA 5G SM-G988W
Galaxy J8 SM-J810F
Galaxy J8 SM-J810G
Galaxy J8 SM-J810GF
Galaxy J8 SM-J810M
Galaxy J8 SM-J810MF
Galaxy J8 SM-J810Y
Galaxy J6 PLUS SM-J610F
Galaxy J6 PLUS SM-J610FN
Galaxy J6 PLUS SM-J610G
Galaxy J4 CORE SM-J410F
Galaxy J4 CORE SM-J410G
Galaxy J4 PLUS SM-J415F
Galaxy J4 PLUS SM-J415FN
Galaxy J4 PLUS SM-J415G
Galaxy J4 PLUS SM-J415GN
Galaxy J4 PLUS SM-J415N
Galaxy M01 SM-M013F
Galaxy M01 SM-M015F
Galaxy M01 SM-M015G
Galaxy M01 SM-M017F
Galaxy M10 SM-M105F
Galaxy M10 SM-M105G
Galaxy M10 SM-M105M
Galaxy M10 SM-M105Y
Galaxy M10S SM-M107F
Galaxy M10S SM-M107G
Galaxy M10S SM-M107Y
Galaxy M11 SM-M115F
Galaxy M11 SM-M115M
Galaxy M20 SM-M205F
Galaxy M20 SM-M205FN
Galaxy M20 SM-M205G
Galaxy M20 SM-M205M
Galaxy M20 SM-M205N
Galaxy M21 SM-M215F
Galaxy M30 SM-M305F
Galaxy M30 SM-M305M
Galaxy M30S SM-M3070
Galaxy M30S SM-M307F
Galaxy M30S SM-M307FN
Galaxy M31 SM-M315F
Galaxy M30S SM-M317F
Galaxy M40 SM-M405F
Galaxy M51 SM-M515F
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N9600
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960D
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960F
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960J
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960N
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960U
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960U1
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960W
Galaxy NOTE 9 SM-N960X
Galaxy NOTE 10 LITE SM-N770F
Galaxy NOTE 10 LITE SM-N770X
Galaxy NOTE 10 SM-N9700
Galaxy NOTE 10 SM-N970F
Galaxy NOTE 10 SM-N970U
Galaxy NOTE 10 SM-N970U1
Galaxy NOTE 10 SM-N970W
Galaxy NOTE 10 SM-N970X
Galaxy NOTE 10 5G SM-N971N
Galaxy NOTE 10 5G SM-N971XN
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N9750
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975C
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975D
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975F
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975J
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975U
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975U1
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975VU
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975W
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS SM-N975X
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N9760
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976B
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976N
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976Q
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976U
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976V
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976VU
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976XC
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976XN
Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G SM-N976XU
Galaxy NOTE 20 SM-N980F
Galaxy NOTE 20 5G SM-N9810
Galaxy NOTE 20 5G SM-N981B
Galaxy NOTE 20 5G SM-N981N
Galaxy NOTE 20 5G SM-N981U
Galaxy NOTE 20 5G SM-N981U1
Galaxy NOTE 20 5G SM-N981W
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA SM-N985F
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5GSM-N9860
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5GSM-N986B
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5GSM-N986D
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5GSM-N986J
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5GSM-N986N
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5GSM-N986U
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G SM-N986U1
Galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA 5GSM-N986W
Galaxy A31 SM-A315f
Galaxy A31 SM-A315G
Galaxy A41 SM-A405FN
Galaxy A10E SM-S102DL
Galaxy Tab A (8.0'', 2019) SM-T295
Galaxy Tab A (8.0'', 2019) SM-T295N
Galaxy Tab A (8.0'', 2019) SM-T295C
Galaxy Tab A SM-T387AA
Galaxy Tab A SM-T387P
Galaxy Tab A SM-T387R4
Galaxy Tab A SM-T387T
Galaxy Tab A SM-T387V
Galaxy Tab A SM-T387VK
Galaxy Tab A SM-T387W
Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T719
Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T719C
Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T719Y
Galaxy Tab S5E SM-T725
Galaxy Tab S5E SM-T725C
Galaxy Tab S5E SM-T725N
Galaxy Tab S5E LITE SM-T727
Galaxy Tab S5E LITE SM-T727A
Galaxy Tab S5E LITE SM-T727R4
Galaxy Tab S5E LITE SM-T727U
Galaxy Tab S5E LITE SM-T727V
Galaxy Tab S3 SM-T825
Galaxy Tab S3 SM-T825C
Galaxy Tab S3 SM-T825N0
Galaxy Tab S3 SM-T825Y
Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837
Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837A
Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837P
Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837R4
Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837T
Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T837V
Galaxy Tab S6 LITE SM-T867
Galaxy Tab S6 LITE SM-T867R4
Galaxy Tab S6 LITE SM-T867U
Galaxy Tab S6 LITE SM-T867V


Delivery time: 1-24hrs

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual