Sony Xperia direct unlock by Cable - Reset 0 Counter Supported


Service can Unlock Any Sony Phone by cable

Service operation: Network Unlock, Reset Phone Counter ( 255 Unlimited) Supported

Login Must be consumed very same day from the date for purchase. if the server goes offline later no refund shall be given.

Phones with Device Unlock App Are not Supported No Refund shall be given.

1 login user/pass = 1 Phone IMEI Unlock by USB cable

once u connect the phone for unlocking or counter reset the user/pass gets bind with ur phone imei and start to unlock and reset procedure. if u connect another phone in the case due to some error unlock not done it's not supported.

incase u get signature calculation Not Done Error Retry Again same phone same imei by disable antivirus, firewall and it will be done again with no loss of credits

in case u get remote dongle calculation limit reached Retry again same phone same imei in few hours or next day when the server is running free.

incase u get an error phone has tampered there is no loose of credits and u can retry another phone.

qUnlockTool new version released Sony Xperia L3 support added

download link


Delivery time: Instant

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual